Welcome to Skies High Group

We take this golden opportunity with great pleasure to introduce before you as SKIES HIGH GROUP, a fantabulous firm in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and India. SKIES HIGH GROUP, a leading business group focused on different fields such as Information Technology, Tourism & Seminars, Trading & Manufacturing etc.

The guiding mission of SKIES HIGH GROUP is 'bringing the best in everything we touch '. By ' the best ', we mean the best ideas, the best people and the best output.


  • Software Application Development and Management

  • Mobile Application (Apps) Development

  • Web Designing and Development

  • CMS & E-Commerce

  • Web Applications

  • E-Business Web hosting/packaged online store solutions

  • IT Consultancy

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

  • SEO & Internet Marketing

  • Human Resource Planning and Management (Outsourcing to India)


  • Steel Manufacturing

  • Soaps

  • Agricultural Implements

  • Garden & Construction Tools

  • Cutlery Tools

  • Plantation Tools

  • Firefighting Tools

  • Olive oil

  • Material Handling Equipments

  • Mineral Water